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Top 8 Reasons Businesses Should Accept Crypto As Payment

Do you own a car dealership, real estate company, or sell any high ticket products or services? If the answer is yes, have you considered accepting cryptocurrency as payment? Have a look at the best reasons to consider accepting this innovative digital currency today!

1. Paper Money Will Be Obsolete

In my opinion, the number one reason all business owners should consider accepting cryptocurrency as payment is the U.S dollar and other fiat currencies will not be around forever. If a company wants to sustain a profitable business for generations, it is imperative that it starts accepting new forms of currency as soon as possible. Doing this will set the business owner and all partners up for many years of future profits. 

2. Cryptocurrnecy is an Asset

As mentioned before, crypto is an asset. All businesses and business owners need to have more assets and less liabilities. The U.S. dollar is a liability! It has been a liability since 1971 when President Nixon completely abandoned the gold st…

How to Accept Crypto as Payment for Goods and Services

Would you like to be the first business in your neighborhood, town or city to accept cryptocurrency as payment for your products or services?

Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum etc. are the future of money. Voltaire once said "Paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value - zero." This is why all serious business owners should consider accepting crypto as payment for goods and services. You should get ahead of the curve because this change will come!
What is Cryptocurrency?
Cryptocurrency is a digital asset that is used as a medium of exchange. Cryptography is used to secure financial transactions, control the creation of additional units, and verify the transfer of assets. It is a safer and more secure way of handling and storing finance. Many people still do not fully understand the use of Bitcoin and other digital assets but they do know that bitcoin has made many millionaires since its inception around 10 years ago. These digital assets increase in value over t…

All About Webtalk: Make Money for Free With Webtalk Social CPX

Webtalk Free Social Media Affiliate Program

Along my online journey, I have run across numerous social platforms that are great for business. You know the most popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram etc. These platforms are ever evolving? Who remembers Myspace? I believe it was the one that started it all. These sites are all great places to meet new people and learn news about your interests, hobbies, world events and more. The only problem with these sites is that they make make tons of money on through their users and do not share the revenue.

Webtalk is changing the game! Webtalk is one of the latest social media platforms that gives its users incentive to join by sharing up to 50% of its revenue with its users for life. The only other platform that I have found that does this is FutureNet. Webtalks affiliate program Social CPX is still in the beta stages and is not up and running at the time of this blog post but every user is able to refer people with their p…

Free Online Lead Generation With Safelist Email Marketing

What is a Safe-list?

A safe list is a membership website where people advertise through email. People sign up to advertise and receive advertisements from other members. There is no spamming involved because each person agrees to the terms and service of the site.

Anyone can join and send any offer of their choice. You can join as a free member or pay monthly for some additional bonuses. All safe-lists have their specific prices and bonuses for a monthly fee. Paying monthly can be an advantage with the right list.

It is also wise to make a couple of new email accounts because you will be receiving lots of mail. I suggest using a gmail account. Many of these safe-lists only accept gmail. Filter each Safelist to keep organized. Watch this video to learn how. Watch the Video.

There are many safe-lists ready and available to advertise your business, but you want to make sure these lists will get the results that you are looking for. If you are looking to prospect and build a list for you…

25 Ways to Use $100 Drop Cards For Massive Traffic

If you have not been using drop cards to advertise your business, you need to start today! These cards are amazing. While you are going about a routine day, take a stack with you. Keep some in your purse or in your car and you will be ready to drop a card and generate business at all times. Have your team duplicate your efforts for massive leads and sales!

Here are 25 Ways to Use Drop Cards to Generate Leads for Any Business

1. Leave a card in the grocery cart when you finish shopping at your local grocery store.
2. Leave a card with the tip after dinner at your favorite restaurant.
3. If you love to read, leave your card in books and magazines at Barnes and Noble, a library, or    your favorite bookstore.
4. Leave them in department stores. Find creative places to drop your business cards.
5. You can leave a card in the credit card slot at the gas station.
6. Leave your card near the entrance at a local bank.
7. Slip your card into a 12 pack of beer.
8. If you market to stay at home…

$100 Dollar Bill Drop/Sizzle Cards

If you are anything like me, you are always looking for new ways to market your online business. I have found a cool way to market any business offline with these $100 dollar bill drop cards.

What Are Drop Cards?

I had never heard of drop cards until a mentor of mine made a video about these business cards that will rarely get lost or discarded. This is a truly effective, inexpensive, and easy way to advertise your business. You simply place the card where there is lots of traffic and people will pick them up. They look like real money and come in every denomination. You can get $1, $5, $10, $20 and $100 dollar bills with your custom business ad inside. You can order 100 of theses cards for right around 20 bucks.

Do drop cards really work?

The answer to that question is an emphatic yes! Many people are having success with these cards simply because they look like real money. You simply fold them in half and you can just drop them in a parking lot and someone will pick them up. That p…